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After 5 years as an entrepreneur in a biotech start-up, I joined the dark side at Volvo Group Venture Capital. As a VC I am fortunate to look into many companies and get heavily involved in a few. I am genuinely interested in the mechanisms of efficient entrepreneurship including the engagement by VCs. I am hooked on the ideas presented by Steven Blank and Eric Ries around Customer development and lean principles.

5 behaviors Corporate Venture Capital practitioners should take to heart

Photo credit: JD Hancock Corporate Venture Capital is growing and 2015 will probably be the biggest year since 2001! 50(!) new Corporate Venture Capital groups have made their first investment during the first eight months of 2015 according to CB Insight. … Continue reading

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Transportation Venture Capital is booming – US and China dominate

I’m on my way to Techstars Mobility’s first Demo day in Motor City where 10 exciting transportation companies will reveal their progress during the program. While the transportation sector historically has not been a strong sector for Start-ups and Venture … Continue reading

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The future of Local trucking is Tech based

Local trucking, i.e. the transportation of goods with a truck that is transported within 150 miles of a metropolitan area is a $40-50 billion dollar market in the U.S. alone. The supply side of the market is to a large … Continue reading

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Venture funding is on the rise in the transportation sector

The transportation and automotive industry represents more than 10% of U.S. GDP, making it one of the largest industries with more than $1.5 trillion dollar in annual spend. Entrepreneurs are taking notice and both corporate and financial investors are supporting … Continue reading

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Eat or be eaten – those are the options.

We believe new models for large companies to collaborate with entrepreneurs will be a key factor in future growth. Software continues to eat the world1. The commercial vehicle industry might not appear to be the most delicious target, until you … Continue reading

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Trucking – a 650 billion dollar market ripe for disruption

Goods transportation with trucks represents a 650 billion dollar market in the US, which is about 5% of GDP. The chart below compares the trucking industry to a few other industries which really shows the massive market it represents. Source: … Continue reading

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You can’t beat a nerd

I recently heard that Google made a large investigation into what the common denominators of successful Googlers are. They supposedly looked at classical factors such as education, age and so on. The one factor that was most clearly correlated with … Continue reading

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